APA: On the wild side
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The Animal Protection Agency comprises two organisations:

Animal Protection Agency (APA) Ltd

A large part of the work of APA is to lobby for improved legislation to protect animal welfare. We oppose the activities of individuals or companies involved in the trade in wild animals as pets and we expose the wasteful practices and consequences of the wildlife trade. By working alongside government agencies and local authorities, and by building public support and awareness, APA seeks to end the cruel confinement of wild animals as pets.

Animal Protection Agency (APA) Foundation

The Animal Protection Agency Foundation was set up to carry out, or commission, research into the impacts of the wildlife trade on individual animals, biodiversity and the natural environment, as well as the risks of infectious disease transmission between wildlife and people. The Foundation conducts awareness raising programmes on all issues concerning the trade in wild animals as pets.

By concentrating resources on tackling the exotic pet trade, the Animal Protection Agency aims to achieve real and lasting results for animals and their environments. We also aim to help protect people from making the mistakes of acquiring wild animals or pet-linked disease.

Staff members have years of experience in campaigning for animal protection and specifically in thwarting the unlawful activities of wild animal dealers. Supporting APA Ltd and the Foundation is an integrated team of scientific, veterinary and legal advisors that includes specialists in exotic animal welfare, conservation and public health.

All of our work will be identified clearly as either APA Foundation or APA Ltd.

Animal Protection Agency Limited - Company No: 5180872

Animal Protection Agency Foundation - Company No. 6371987
Registered Charity No. 1123569