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Adopt a feathered friend

The Animal Protection Agency has teamed up with New Life Parrot Rescue (NLPR) to offer 'virtual adoptions' of some of the birds in its care.

50% of the adoption fee will help feed, house and pay for veterinary treatment of the birds cared for by NLPR. The other 50% will fund APA's campaigns against the commercial exploitation of parrots and other exotic animals as pets.

A meaningful gift to a bird lover in your life could help support these majestic birds and save many more from suffering in the pet trade.

Fred the macaw


Fred is a blue & gold macaw who was captured from the wild around 25 years ago. Before being rescued by NLPR, Fred spent 19 years chained to a stand without any toys or anything to do. He was shut away in a bathroom and frequently hit with a rolled up newspaper, which caused partial blindness in one eye. He is now healthy and strong with a beautiful spirit.

Adopt Fred

Corky the Amazon parrot


Corky is an orange-winged Amazon parrot who was kept in tiny budgerigar cage for three months. Water was not provided in the cage because he spilt it from the container, instead his owner would give him water at random intervals through a plant sprayer. In his new-found, rich and fulfilling environment, Corky loves his outdoor play in good weather.

Adopt Corky


Precious is a cross between a green winged and scarlet macaw. As a result of a fall from a nest box as a chick, she was rendered flightless. Later in life, she was sold to a couple with two dogs, which unfortunately got hold of her - she survived the attack although she lost her sight in one eye. She is now a very affectionate bird, with a raucous and inquisitive nature.

Adopt Precious

Standard Sponsored Adoption - £25

You will receive a Certificate of Sponsored Adoption, a special pen, a 5 x 7" photograph of your chosen parrot along with information about your chosen parrot, an APA enamel badge and window sticker.