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Dome Market Whistle Blowers

This is a call to whistleblowers in the reptile-keeping community! APA is well aware that many people who have reptiles also oppose animal trading, and even some who sell exotics oppose at least some aspects of the industry. Many of these keepers and sellers disagree strongly with the selling of animals at markets. Our (at least 'semi-like-minded') exotic pet-keeping followers have already joined APA or have provided us with valuable ‘inside’ information and active involvement - which has been greatly appreciated! We are seeking further information from you now in the event that reptile sellers arrive at the Dome market and fail to heed the prohibition on sales imposed by Doncaster Council and therefore attempt to break the law. The Council and APA are already in a position to gather evidence for prosecution for the acts of offering for sale or selling any animal. APA's interest has now extended to the activities of sellers (whether claiming to be 'hobbyists' or formal traders) and the considerable sums they seek to make from pet peddling, and whether their current and historical activities involve up-to-date payment of revenue on all income.

APA has already prepared files for HMRC (Inland Revenue) on traders (whether describing themselves as 'hobbyists' or not) that had booked stalls hoping to sell at the Doncaster market. Our list of sellers is almost complete, but we have been made aware that some sellers book stalls using pseudonyms. Therefore, we are particularly seeking information on sellers who may have tried to book stands in alternative names or in the names of partners, relatives and friends. In order to verify and forward any additional information in good time to HMRC we would need this information before 1500hrs Friday 15th June. If you can help, please email us at info@apa.org.uk

Thank you!