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Press Release April 2010

Students get the low-down on exotic pet trade

College students and lecturers in animal care and veterinary nursing attended a seminar, co-sponsored by the APA Foundation, at the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary on 7 May 2010 to learn more about the exotic pet trade.

The event focused on the welfare of caged and captive wildlife within in the context of the relevant principles and powers of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and other legislation. Excellent feedback was received from delegates who found the seminar very informative and helpful. One vet commented:

"I feel much better equipped to be able to give good reasons to think again to anyone considering keeping unsuitable species as pets." - Sue Potter MRCVS

The three specialists in animal behaviour: Greg Glendell, Jordi Casamitjana and Rachel Hevesi gave presentations on the parrot, reptile and primate trades, respectively. Ideas for practical solutions to welfare problems caused by the trade in wild animals were discussed.

The APA Foundation is expanding its educational programmes to underpin its campaign work. The Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary is a training provider of NVQ in Animal Care and regularly holds presentations and workshops both at the sanctuary site and in educational establishments.

Issued 13 April 2010

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