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Saving wildlife - a 'marathon' task

The date for the first ever Brighton Marathon was 18 April 2010 and we were delighted to have experienced runner, Russell Akehurst participating on behalf of the APA Foundation.

As a Council Dog Warden, Russell is passionate about dogs and regularly raises funds and volunteers for various rescue centres. A vegetarian for over 20 years, he also speaks out against all forms of animal abuse including the wildlife pet trade.

After surviving two critical illnesses and his fair share of running related injuries, Russell looked forward to running in his birth city and raising much needed funds for APA.

Russell's constant companion is Poppy, his rescued dog who, who was abandoned shortly after giving birth: "She comes to work with me every day. The only thing she's not very good at is map reading and checking my e-mails, but other than that she's the perfect work partner"

Please sponsor Russell and help boost APA's campaign efforts. Your contribution - no matter how small - will help to make a lasting difference to animals. When you download the sponsor form, remember that you can help the animals more if you encourage your friends to sign the Gift Aid box. Thank you!