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Stafford bird market horror

The bird market at the Staffordshire County Showground is one of the biggest in the UK where tens of thousands of birds are offered for sale. On 10th October 2004, APA along with two vets paid a visit to the event and captured on film pitiful images of animal suffering.

Councillors of Stafford BC licensed the event against the advice of its own licensing officers. Although conditions for the birds were appalling and abuse was widespread, no Council inspectors were present during the whole day.

Vets who attended the event on behalf of APA have compiled a damning report. This includes their observations of birds on sale who were clearly sick. The film captures a kookaburra continually bashing its head off the top of the cage in an extreme attempt to escape the head injuries leave blood on the cage ceiling. The footage also shows a parrot, stripped of its head feathers, advertised as a bargain.


Please write to Judith Dalgarno, the Council Leader of Stafford BC at the following address and demand an inquiry as to why this unlawful event was allowed as it is illegal to carry on a business of selling pet animals in public places. Please also insist on a commitment that Stafford BC will allow no pet markets in future.

Judith Dalgarno
1 The Coppins
The Coppins
ST17 4QB

Alternatively you can drop Judith Dalgarno a line via members@staffordbc.gov.uk but please ensure that you mark it for her attention.

Copies of the film taken of the Stafford Market with commentary are available on DVD at £2 each incl. p+p